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"Thank you so much for your excellent facilitation. It feels like we made some great progress and achieved our goals. The participants were happy, chatty and honest which is a reflection of your leadership and coaching." Greg Wilson, Board Chair, California Society of Association Executives​

"Thank you for a great presentation. It was exactly what I was hoping for and I was so happy to see that the audience got into it as much as they did. Lots a fun had by all. I will definitely look for opportunities to call you again in the future." Mike Mitchell, President & CEO, Credit Management Association

"I have hired Dan to facilitate two separate events: a Leadership Development Retreat and a Board's Strategic Planning Meeting. Both were remarkable.


"A board member who participated in the Strategic Planning meeting wrote: 'I had the great privilege to participate in the Board's Strategic Planning meeting last weekend. I found this to be the most useful professional development retreat I've ever participated in. The meeting culminated in developing a 'Game Plan' designed to help us achieve the goals and tasks associated with the group each of us (board members) represent. The experience was truly outstanding.' This pretty much sums up what all board members said about the meeting."


Kerry Parker, CAE, Executive Director, California Society of Addiction Medicine

"In his role as strategic advisor to San Francisco Travel, Dan was masterful in his leadership of a comprehensive strategy and organizational change initiative. I had the good fortune of working with Dan on this project for more than a year. I was--and continue to be--inspired by his steadiness, his creativity and his deep sense of commitment to doing truly great work. No doubt Dan has left a long-lasting transformational mark on the organization.


"I would welcome the opportunity to work with Dan again and I recommend him to others. Dan is a smart guy who knows how to lead the way and get important things done."


Trever Cartwright, Founder/Managing Partner, Coraggio Group

"When the San Francisco Travel Association was ready to take an incredibly new and risky step by completely re-thinking a process and structure that had been in place for several years, I called Dan to ask if he would take a lead role in driving the new strategy through the organization. He not only signed up to help but was the kind of business partner we all hope for.


"Every once awhile in business, you come across someone that you know will not only do the job but bring such a tremendous sense of ownership and accountability to it that any anxieties you have about whether it will get done well simply disappear. That's what Dan did."


Matt Stiker, Chief Marketing Officer, San Francisco Travel Association

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dan in a variety of settings and roles (client, colleague, trainer, and consultant). You can count on his integrity, vision, energy, talent, results-focus, creativity, strategic thinking capacity, professionalism, conscientiousness, introspective and curious nature, thoroughness, reliability, trustworthiness, passion, and humor!"


Carrie Hays, Principal, The Halle Group

Comments from program participants:

"Dan helped me feel comfortable and willing to participate."

"Engaging, respectful, knows how to work with his audience." 

"Best retreat ever in any context"

"The most useful professional development retreat I've ever participated in." 

"Wow! Probably the best facilitator of a retreat I have ever experienced."

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