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We partner with some of the finest consultants and facilitators available, ensuring that your needs are met fully and collaboratively. How can we fine-tune your organization?

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Alison Hart

Alison Hart has nearly 30 years of experience helping leaders achieve their visions by creating alignment, increasing bottom lines, building partnerships, and guiding processes to create lasting change. Alison is a seasoned virtual and in-person facilitator and has held executive level positions in associations and chambers of commerce for more than 10 years, including Executive Director of the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce.

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Carrie Hays

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire!” That’s how Carrie Hays describes her unusual path to leadership and organization development. Carrie’s first real job was as a chef for a large hotel. In that role, Carrie learned two things: that she wasn’t that great a cook, and that the real challenge of preparing food was managing a team. Realizing that management intrigued her more than cooking, she hopped out of the kitchen and into the field of organizational development. With clients in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, Carrie provides individual leadership and team coaching, training, facilitation, and consulting on sustainable organizational change. The setting, size of organization, and approach is always tailored to the client, while the goal is the same: help clients get strong, positive results. And every now and then, Carrie provides some culinary tips, too!

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