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Below are professional resources I find helpful and relevant. These are cost-effective, highly usable tools that I personally recommend.

Board Member Orientation: The Concise and Complete Guide to Nonprofit Board Service

by Michael E. Batts | Paperback 2011 $17.95 | Kindle $9.99


Board member orientation truly simplified. A one-hour read.


Serving on a nonprofit board can be an incredibly rewarding experience for the properly prepared board member. This book is for the generous and busy people who agree to give of their time and talents by serving on nonprofit boards. Nonprofit boards often fail to do a good job of board member orientation for a variety of reasons. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to plan and conduct quality board member orientation programs, and every time a new board member arrives, it's time to do it again! Because of the challenges associated with providing quality board member orientation, many nonprofit organizations do not do it at all, leaving their board members to wing it. This book provides simple, practical, nuts-and-bolts information to support the truly great men and women serving on nonprofit boards and making a difference in the lives of people.

Enhancing Committee Effectiveness: Handbook for Committee Chairs, Staff Liaisons, & Committee Members

by John F. Schlegel, CAE | Booklet 2009 $11.66


Effective, successful associations know that they need to minimize bureaucracy, improve decision making, and use their financial and human resources more strategically to adapt, survive, and thrive in a world that moves and changes faster every day. One way to accomplish these goals is to improve committees. Committees gather intelligence, process information, provide recommendations, and complete assignments; in other words, they are how the business of an association gets done. This second edition of Enhancing Committee Effectiveness enables committees to be more nimble, accountable, and competitive by providing:

  • Clear definitions of different types of committees

  • The nuts and bolts of establishing and administering a committee

  • Checklists and role descriptions for effective committee chairs and staff liaisons

The Decision to Volunteer: Why People Give Their Time and How You Can Engage Them

by Beth Gazley & Monica Dignam | Paperback 2008 $89.95


Volunteers are the lifeblood of associations and membership organizations. They allow these organizations to achieve far more than they could if they relied on paid staff alone, bringing new energy and expertise, providing credibility to educational and certification programs as field experts, actively recruiting new members, and filling essential governance roles. Yet little has been known about these volunteers until now. The Decision to Volunteer presents the most extensive survey data to date to explain who volunteers are and why they do what they do. This book examines the volunteering behaviors of association members, answering questions such as:

  • Where do they perform their community volunteering?

  • Where do they perform their professional (association) volunteering?

  • How were they recruited and what do they do?

  • What motivates them to volunteer?

  • If they don't volunteer, why not?

  • What would motivate them to volunteer in the future?

The Influence Edge: How to Persuade Others to Help You Achieve Your Goals

by Alan Vengel | Paperback 2001 $16.14 | Kindle $16.14


In order to succeed in the new business environment, workers must learn how to influence people over whom they have no direct control. In this book, an experienced organizational consultant shows readers how to build alliances and persuade peers, not just boss them around. Author Alan Vengel uses case studies and anecdotes from his own practice to illustrate specific tactics that can be used in any work situation.


Disclosure: I receive a small commission when items are purchased using my referral code. 

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