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Dan's programs bring years of real-world experience to participants. Built on a thorough understanding of learning styles, these programs deliver immediate ROI by engaging board or staff from start to finish. 

Dan is experienced in designing both in-person and virtual programs that maximize engagement and deliver the determined outcomes.

Dan facilitates a planning workshop for the California Historic Route 66 Association.


Retreats: In-person or Virtual

Whether you need an in-person or virtual strategic planning retreat or a staff retreat that combines team building with practical work planning, Dan provides design and delivery in a complete package. Programs are customized to your organization and deliver solid, actionable outcomes. Dan's programs combine individual, small group, and large group components, ensuring that everyone contributes. Topics include strategic planning, board assessments, and cooperative/competitive team activities. Dan is also a popular trainer and speaker for trade associations and professional societies.

The Influence Edge: Getting Work Done Without Authority
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With the horizontal structure of today’s progressive organizations, it is increasingly important to ask for and receive the support you need to accomplish your goals. The most effective way to do this is through the strategic use of influence skills.The truly effective team member, employee or manager uses influence skills to achieve results, regardless of their positional power within the organization or team structure. How do you get people to buy into your ideas and your needs? By using influence skills strategically, others will be more willing to help move organizational processes along without resistance.

Board Self-Assessment/The Role of the Board

This program combines training on how high-performing Boards best operate with the results of a self-assessment that provides insight on how the Board views its performance in several critical areas.


Prior to the meeting, Board members take a 20-minute online assessment rating the Board's performance in the areas of Strategic Development and Execution, Processes and Procedures, Relationship with the Executive, and Board Composition and Training. The results of the assessment are incorporated into the session along with guidance around areas for growth. 

What's My Communication Style?

If we can get a grasp on how we communicate and how others communicate, we can adapt and improve the reception of the messages we are trying to get across.


In this program, participants use a diagnostic tool to determine their communication style: direct, spirited, considerate or systematic. Each style has strengths that are evident in general behavior and communication. Knowledge of these strengths allows people to draw on them and to find situations in which the strengths are a benefit.


As a central part of the training, participants work on a real-life work situation with someone with a different communication style, so they can practice flexibility in accommodating their partner’s style.

The Negotiation Focus: Reaching Win/Win Agreements
Beyond Money: A Manager's Guide to Motivating Employees

In today’s complex and changing workplace, if we are not collaborating with other workgroups, teams, suppliers or customers, we are probably not positioned to be competitive. 


Collaborating with others requires constant negotiations and renegotiations to ensure results are achieved. The Negotiation Focus™ provides a model to conduct negotiations that lead to better agreements – agreements that help you accomplish your objectives while building lasting relationships. Negotiation may take the form of a casual conversation to extend a deadline to a more structured meeting to work out more complex issues and agreements. In either case, successful negotiators use specific behaviors, tools and a process to get what they want.

Many people assume money is the mainstay of motivation, but effective leaders know that appreciation is the ultimate motivator. This program teaches practical skills that are linked to a basic human need: the need to be respected for who we are and recognized for what we do. While many leaders know this from experience, few know how best to act on it.


This workshop teaches principles and practices that support the need to be appreciated. Encouragement is absolutely essential to sustaining people’s commitment to organizations and outcomes. It’s about the hard work it takes to get extraordinary things done in organizations and about how managers can enhance their ability and comfort with recognizing and celebrating the achievements of those they work with.

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